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So, I hopped on my iPhone and opened Yelp to find a place we could eat. Periphery showed up with it's raved reviews so we gave it a try. I would have never found this place if it weren't for Yelp. It's in a location that you just don't stumble upon.

As soon as we walked in I notice it is a small place. The decor is quaint, a very nice theme and environment. We were instantly greeted and seated. Our server was patient and helpful. My wife and I did not know what to order and he guided us through the menu.

The food was absolutely exquisite. I had the chicken liver bolognese with house cavatelli, cipollini, and parm for $15. It was the best $15 spent. My mouth is watering​ right now just thinking about it.​

Let me get to the cornbread. First off I am not a big fan of cornbread but when I return to Periphery I will order the cornbread again. A warm buttery loaf of goodness. This gastropub needs to do some advertising. This is one of the best-kept ​secrets in San Antonio.

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