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Top two Ramen Shops in SATX

We are always on the hunt for great ramen. Unfortunately, San Antonio lacks in the ramen department. We are starting a list of the top ramen shops in SATX. Currently we have only found two worthy of making the list.

Amazing tasting non traditional ramen. If you are looking for complexity in flavor and innovation, Noodle Tree is for you.

The Noodle Tree has been 8 years in the making. Over time chef Mike has been working on perfecting his recipes and finding ways to simply make what he believes is the perfect and consistent bowl of ramen.

Nama is more of a traditional style ramen. The bowls are full flavor and available to be kicked up in spice level. I liked all the available additional add ons.

Nama Ramen is a quick service restaurant specializing in authentic ramen, sushi and quirky appetizers. Our goal is providing quality food and culture to San Antonio.

While Noodle Tree and Nama Ramen made our list, we have not yet tried all of the ramen shops in SATX. If you have any suggestions please leave a comment.

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